Bank of America Merrill Lynch ‘Australia in Transition’ Campaign

Multi-format thought leadership

BAML approached New Narrative to support a seven-month, content-driven campaign highlighting the bank’s insights on the forces that will reshape Australia’s economy in future, aiming to demonstrate its growing capabilities in a key Asia Pacific market. New Narrative’s role in the ambitious project, which spanned a range of formats and online and social media channels, included:

  • Development of core themes and editorial approaches in consultation with BAML’s subject matter experts and marketing team
  • Producing a series of op-ed articles and video scripts based on in-depth interviews with BAML thought leaders
  • Sourcing of statistics and development of concepts for infographics and animated videos, informed by extensive independent research
  • Crafting content for a structured, long-term social media program to amplify core campaign elements, including Twitter and LinkedIn wordings released at regular intervals
  • Coordination with BAML’s design and agency partners to develop a visual identity for the campaign and maximize its impact

The campaign attracted strong client interest on the bank’s web and social media channels, achieving click-through rates and engagement times that were both over three times BAML benchmarks.