Content curation for global management consulting firm

Researching and rigorously selecting the most insightful fintech content region-wide

New Narrative worked with one of the world’s leading management consulting firms to help produce a regular list of carefully curated news links on the latest developments in the fintech sector across Asia to enhance engagement on the client’s internal social media platform.

Our role included:

*In-depth desk research to pick the week’s most interesting and engaging news articles on subjects including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence, blockchain, insurtech and robotic process automation, creating a digest of fintech innovation trends across Asia Pacific

*Crafting short, punchy summaries of each article to draw in readers and encourage them to share the content with their networks, thus boosting overall employee engagement levels

Successfully adhering to the specifications outlined by the client for the curation process demanded in-depth understanding of the subject matter as well as a high level of quality control from New Narrative’s editorial team, given the profusion of content available on fintech themes. The team’s years of experience covering the intersection of finance and technology ensured only the most relevant and credible content made it into the digest.

New Narrative’s approach served as the basis for vibrant inter-departmental discussions and boosted engagement levels on cutting-edge subjects while helping reinforce the client’s expertise on fintech, a key area of strategic growth.