Crafting precision messaging from the ground up

A research-driven approach to creating a value proposition for services targeting a specialist audience

With new regulations poised to reshape a country’s financial sector, a global technology and management consulting firm had identified a clear and pressing opportunity to market its solutions to potential clients trying to formulate strategies in response. But it needed to ensure the story around its offerings and capabilities would be distinctive, compelling and credible enough to engage a small and highly senior group of decision makers – in two very different segments of the industry.

New Narrative was engaged to create robust and detailed messaging frameworks that ensure the company can consistently and convincingly communicate its insights on a rapidly shifting industry environment, and articulate how its in-house innovations directly address the challenges faced by its customer base.

Our role included:

*Extensive consultations with the client’s marketing and client-facing teams to zero in on its unique technological and organisational strengths, and map these to industry trends and the concerns of current and potential customers

*Auditing content produced by the client’s competitors across both editorial and digital metrics to measure effectiveness and identify underserved topics

*Distilling the results of this research into a comprehensive messaging framework that included punchy and distinct value propositions, clear positions on the main themes impacting the sector, and explicit calls to action

*Creating detailed sales pitch decks that brought the messaging framework to life by referencing current events and tying solutions to real-life use cases, creating a basis for interactions at the highest levels of the industry

The project has provided the client with a versatile messaging toolkit that clearly defines the value of its offerings and how they enable diverse customer groups to act on emerging opportunities and navigate waves of technological change. The frameworks serve as a foundation for everything from one-on-one client discussions to presentations at high-profile events and ongoing content campaigns, establishing the company as an authority on a fast-developing field.