Custom research for a leading recruitment technology company

Ensuring DaXtra Technologies is setting their industry’s thought leadership agenda

UK-headquartered DaXtra ( is a global leader in recruitment management software, helping recruitment agencies and HR departments find the best candidates with cutting edge CV parsing and resume matching technologies.

The recruitment technology industry – colloquially known as ‘RecTech’ – is currently experiencing growing pains, burdened by fragmentation and a lack of clarity about what’s on offer. Many potential buyers are unsure which software solution will best address their needs.

Recognising this uncertainty, DaXtra wanted to give recruitment agencies and HR departments an insightful overview of the RecTech industry: not only where it’s headed, but also what they should look for when choosing recruitment management software.

On that score, DaXtra engaged New Narrative to collaborate on all aspects of the project – and deliver a co-branded briefing paper that stands on its own as an authoritative piece of RecTech industry thought leadership.

Our role included:

  • Working with DaXtra’s executive team from London to Hong Kong to ensure the briefing paper addressed industry issues with sufficient depth, but also in a jargon-free manner
  • Advising on key data points (from both primary and third-party sources) that supported assertions made in the briefing paper
  • Devising the briefing paper’s final design, in accordance with DaXtra’s brand guidelines

By choosing New Narrative for this project, DaXtra knew the briefing paper would deliver a straightforward industry overview and analysis to its target client base — empowering readers with the information they need to make informed software purchasing decisions.

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