Global financial services firm Brown Brothers Harriman has published surveys on the market for exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the US and Europe for several years.

With regulatory change allowing more and more cross-border investment into and out of Mainland China, BBH knew the time was right to gauge investor sentiment in this dynamic asset class across Greater China’s three key markets: the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Recognising our unparalleled expertise in survey design and execution, as well as our team’s track record devising and leading ground-breaking studies in China’s capital markets, BBH engaged New Narrative to create original research that would position them as thought leaders in the ETF market among existing and potential clients.

Our role included:

  • Working with BBH subject matter experts and marketing leaders to ensure content delivered on key commercial goals
  • Advising on a survey questionnaire that would yield market-moving insights and get to the heart of issues crucial to BBH’s client base
  • Researching and advising on survey demographics to ensure credible and relevant results
  • Analysing survey data to develop the most newsworthy findings
  • In conjunction with BBH, writing a trenchant and topical white paper that delivered entirely new insights on investor attitudes towards ETFs across Greater China markets
  • Translating the output into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese suitable for maximum impact in each market.

BBH’s 2018 Greater China ETF Investor Survey was a landmark publication for the bank, winning it earned media exposure through influential trade publications and demonstrating its expertise in an increasingly important asset class, positioning it to win repeat and new business from a range of clients in the region and globally.

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