Year-long op-ed series for one of Asia’s largest investment banks

Crafting and publishing agenda-setting thought leadership on the most important matters shaping Asia’s capital markets

One of Asia’s leading investment banks engaged n/n to develop an ongoing series of editorials focused on key issues impacting Asia’s capital markets in 2018 and beyond. The forward-looking series positioned the bank’s senior executives as thought leaders on everything from the status of regulatory changes in China, to opportunities in Indonesia’s corporate bond market.

n/n worked with the bank’s Hong Kong-based marketing team, and in coordination with senior bankers stationed across the region.

Our role included:

  • Developing the overarching editorial approach of the entire campaign
  • Advising on the specific themes of each op-ed in collaboration with the bank’s Hong Kong-based marketing team
  • Devising questions and interviewing senior executives at the bank to collect views on the subject matter
  • Drafting each op-ed and recommending proprietary charts and graphs that support the views expressed in each editorial
  • Advising the bank’s executives and compliance team on the ingredients of compelling thought leadership to ensure editorial quality was maintained throughout the bank’s internal review process

By publishing regularly on a wide range of important issues impacting Asia’s capital markets, the bank was able to solidify its leading position as one of the top advisors in the region. The campaign has not only put past market developments into context, but more importantly, offered insights on what investors can expect in the months and years ahead.